Domestic Violence…When saying sorry is not enough.

Anger can be intoxicating!

Have you ever had a few too many and regretted some of the things you did the night before? The more intense the argument, the more we shift into blame, and the more we blame, the more we lose sight of our own actions. Anger and drinking have similar effects! And don't get me started about what happens when anger and drinking happen together!

However, as we calm down enough to get perspective on what has happened, we can see the toll our actions have had on others - especially when we have been hostile and/or violent! If an angry outburst is like a car backfiring, hostility and violence toward others is akin to the detonation of an atom bomb! The devastation is severe and the fallout is long lasting!

Under these conditions, even the sincerest apology has little to no effect on the ones we scare/hurt. Many spouses say to me, if she/he could only see what is in my heart and could only feel how sorry I am for what I have done. Yet, despite these sincere attempts, sorry is often never enough!

Still, other men and women are so ashamed of what they have done that they cannot even face up to their violence. Instead they try to minimize it, outright deny it, rationalize it, and even put the blame on their partner! Expressions such as these are ways of side-stepping responsibility. Unfortunately, it often does not stop there. When under the influence of shame about their violence, people often try to persuade others that their actions are justified.

When under the influence of shame about their violence, people often try to persuade others that their actions are justified. By trying to protect themselves from feeling the full impact of shame, those who have used violence unfortunately disconnect from the harm they have caused the ones they love.





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